Garden party: One Decade of

[English] One of my favorite things about what I do is the time spent with creative, dedicated, curious, optimistic people. Most are bloggers, photographers, writers, some marketing enthusiasts, others just PR.

At an event dedicated to bloggers, I met Paula – a young lady passionate about literature and many other cultural activities. Writer and blogger, Paul’s articles are current and well-structured. The manner in which she writes about the approached topics fascinates me. I recently collaborated on the Dunia Intelligent T-shirt project, and I will tell you more about it in a future article. Proof of her creativity is the innovative way of educating those around her.

This autumn, Paula celebrated 10 years of blogging – Similar to her style, the party took place in an elegant and bohemian location on Bega’s shore, in the garden of Apiarium ivy house.

A successful event. Very good music blended with fine wines seasoned with delicious cheeses, special guests, captivating discussions, created the picture of the refined party.

[Romanian] Unul dintre lucrurile mele favorite, legate de ceea ce fac, este timpul petrecut cu oameni creativi, dedicati, curiosi, optimisti. Majoritate sunt bloggeri, fotografi, scriitori, unii pasionati de marketing, altii numai de PR.

La un eveniment dedicat bloggerilor, am intalnit-o pe Paula – o tipa pasionata de literatura si tot ce inseamna cultura. Scriitor si blogger, articolele Paulei sunt actuale si bine structurate. Ma fascineaza modul ei de a scrie temele abordate. Recent am colaborat la proiectul Tricoul Inteligent Dunia, mai multe o sa va spun intr-un articol viitor. Da dovada de creativitate prin modul inedit de a face educatie celor din jur.

Toamna aceasta, Paula a sarbatorit 10 ani de blog – Precum ii este stilul, petrecerea a avut loc intr-o locatie eleganta si boema, pe malul Begai, in gradina casei cu idera Apiarium.

Un eveniment reusit. Muzica foarte buna armonizata cu vinuri fine asezonate cu branzeturi delicoase, invitati deosebiti, discutii captivante, au creat tabloul petrecerii rafinate.

Photo credit: Ervin Boer Photography


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